You can hear the ingredients sizzling on a large grill when you enter the store right by Nishi-Chofu Station on Keio Line. Manager Tomo designed the store’s cozy, calm, and somewhat nostalgic interior. The okonomiyaki and other dishes cooked on the grill by Manager Tomo has been popular since the store opened on October 10th, 2008!

TOMOTOMO’s Okonomiyaki

The main style of TOMOTOMO’s okonomiyaki is Hiroshima-style. He uses specially cooked soba directly shipped from Hiroshima. His okonomiyaki has lots of vegetables, which good for health and beauty–a perk, especially for women. There are lots of topping choices, so you won’t ever grow tired.

Origin of TOMOTOMO

お好み焼き自慢 トモトモ

The okonomiyaki house TOMOTOMO’s name comes from the “manager’s name” and the “manager’s mom’s name.” The manager and his mom’s interactions are very homey, making you feel right at home. He behaves playfully with a childlike glint in his eyes, and his talkative mom won’t stop once she starts talking with the customers. The pair keeps you interested.

TOMOTOMO’s Devotions

#1: Devotion to Okonomiyaki


TOMOTOMO’s okonomiyaki is Hiroshima-style. They use cooked soba directly shipped from Hiroshima and add lots of vegetables, which makes the okonomiyaki great for health and beauty. There are lots of topping choices, so you won’t ever grow tired. They also have Kansai-style okonomiyaki called “Mom’s Okonomiyaki” for those that prefer Kansai-style over Hiroshima-style.

#2: Devotion to the Vibe


Manager Tomo designed the retro and calm interior, creating a nostalgic and homey vibe.

#3: Devotion to the Taste


They take pride in Manager Tomo’s okonomiyaki and grilled dishes!
They have been improving the flavors of their main menu and putting effort into their recommended menu, which they update irregularly, ever since they opened in 2008.

#4: Devotion to Beer


“Beer” is the best drink to have with okonomiyaki.
TOMOTOMO has a great selection of imported beer from all over the world. Pick your beer depending on the okonomiyaki and grilled dishes.
It’s good to change your beer depending on how you’re feeling that day.
Start with the Asahi Super Dry, which goes very well with okonomiyaki, if you don’t know which ones to pick!

#5: Devotion to Ingredients


TOMOTOMO is very selective about the “ingredients” they use for okonomiyaki and other grilled dishes.
They use “winter cabbages” which have a sweeter taste.
As for beef tendons, they use “domestic beef” tendons, which has lots of collagen and umami.
The noodles for okonomiyaki are “specially cooked noodles directly shipped from Hiroshima.”
They make konjac jelly out of special flour from Shimonita, Gunma Prefecture.

#6: Devotion to the Grill


The grill is 2 m and 20 cm wide, 80 cm long, and 19 mm thick.
Almost too big for the size of the store, it makes the cooking process more dynamic and fun to watch.
The thick grill when heated quickly burns the surface of the ingredients, locking the umami in the food.
This grill is the secret to making their ingredients great.